Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Don't be hatin. My new craft table

This is my new craft table. My husband built it on top of a iron board frame so it can be folded up and hang on the wall when I need it out of the way. Its 36 inches deep and 2.5 yards long. As you can see, I can lay out a whole dress pattern and leave it there when I have to walk away.
 I use to use the dining table, but if I was cutting out a tricky pattern and needed to stop to go do something else I couldnt leave my work on the table. Now I can leave it for ever if I want! 

I'm loving my new craft room!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Button necklace.

I found this cool necklace on Pinterest and I made it.
I used buttons that I got from my Mom's sewing stuff after she died. I remember some of these buttons in her button box when I was little. That is what makes this project so cool!
Here it is,

I love it!
Here is the blog I found on Pinterest,